I am fixing up an arch top guitar, nothing special, but I would really like to use an L-7 style tailpiece for this guitar. I think they are very classy looking. I have been googling like crazy trying to find a seller of this piece, but have had no luck. I have included a photo so you can see the style I am interested in. Also, I know they are occasionally on eBay, but I guess I am more interested in getting a repro since they originals are selling from $150.00 to $300 on there. If anyone knows a guy who knows a guy please let me know.

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I couldn't guess on the price, but you might well be able to get a Gibson tailpiece from Greg at Classic Ax (

He might have third party repros, too.
Thanks for the info Frank. I sent an email today and they have em in stock. You are a wonderful resource.
ah yes a 50s gretsch I have one in my shop right now but it is exacty the same as the photo
You might want to try "" he has a lot of Gibson trapeze and bridge parts. If it isn't shown he could probably locate it.You might try "", he has been around for over thirty years. Good luck. Jim
I got a re-issue Epiphone Frequensator tailpiece I wanted to use on an old Epiphone archtop. I got it from All Parts and although the tailpiece was fine it had a thin gold plating on it. I sent it to First Quality Instruments and had them gold plate it. Great job. I've since sent them other misc. parts to gold plate. They aren't that expensive and the gold plating has lasted about ten years so far. Since we were speaking of tailpieces, I thought I would add this post for anyone who was thinking about having a tailpiece gold plated. I highly recommend First Quality Instruments in Louisville, Kentucky.


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