looking for a good Luthier in Westwood Massachusetts 02090

Does anyone know a good Luthier in the 02090 zip code or near Westwood Massachusetts?

I sold a beautiful 1965 Gibson 335 12 string to a gentleman there and FedX managed to put a slight fracture in the neck/headstock area. From the pictures he sent me it looks like a simple glue and clamp job with some water thin superglue. Just thought I would see if I could find someone there I could recommend for the job.

thank you 


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The people to see in the Boston Area are either Mark Herbert (Guitarworks - 617 731-3995) Or Peter Stokes (Broken Neck Guitar Repair  617-262-0220). Peter just moved his shop to Newburyport and that might be a (worthwhile) hike from Westwood. Mark is in Brookline Village, near the medical area.

These guys are long established and well known.

Thank you Joshua...

can anyone recommend someone for vintage amp repair / restoration... I'm in Northwest Florida and wouldn't mind driving a few hours to get it to someone for a good client.... Atlanta, Nashville, New Orleans, Jacksonville... The amp is a 60's Silvertone 1463 solid state bass amp, small piggyback affair..

thank to all 


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