Hello everyone I hope that you are all well. I just purchased a new guitar two years ago and I really wanted to get opinions on this guitar. I really wanted to get an older guitar but this one sounded and played so well that I could not put it back on the rack. Anyway I bought it at Guiter Center (I know) but anyway I got it....Here is what I got and I have a few pictures of it also attached.
Martin GC-MMV
Guitar Center RW Custom 02
No label came with it
Martin 1128943 Custom:
Construction 1 style;ply blocks;mortise/tenon neck joint
D-14 Fret
top: Sitka Sprice
top brace: Sitka/1 Style/Non scalloped
pattern: D1 A-Frame
Tone bar, cross brace, side brace, A brace, #1 brace: All sitka spruce
Bridge plate: maple
top binding 6/32 white boltaron
None of the following: top plate, or soundhole brace, top inlays, top pearl
Style 28 no pearl inlay
Back Solid East Indian Rosewood
2 pc back panel
no purfling or strip, or caution stamp, or back inlay, or back pearl, etc.
back brace 1,2,3,4 all sitka spruce
back binding is 6/32 white boltaron
none of the following: inlays, side pearl, endpiece inlays, endpiece pearl
Ribbons are spanish cedar
D strataply
tag plate maple
rear D strataply
Mahogany 10/4 with wings
neck shape/headstock mod low oval...solid/6 string no diamond/square taper
no head stamp
truss rod is 356mm 2-way adjustable
heelcap is white bol..
nut is white corian
flat not on angle
solid east indiana rosewood
headplate decal is raised gold foil
none of the following headplate bind, headplate,etc
Tuning is Ping Chrome 18:1 with small knobs (Y-step)'
radius is 16"
width at nut is 1-11/16 and at 12 fret it 2-1/8
20 frets
white boltaron side dots
catalyzed 5 sheen satin chemcraft
BRIDGE: solid east indian R...
1style belly
No electronics.

Of particular interest to me is the back two piece:

I really liked the back on it and was curious if this "bowed" pattern in the rosewood is ever going to be a problem...i thought it was beautiful for this thing...

Anyway I paid I think 1100 for it or something like that...

I want to keep one martin for a long time and have second guessed that maybe I should sell it and get an older more collectible model....

What do I say when someone asks me what kind of Martin this thing is besides a custom?

I really love playing it and that i guess should be enough reason to just keep it but I hate telling people that I have a custom that is basically a beefed up....etc.....

Thanks everyone I really enjoy this website there is almost too much information here.


Von Luhmann

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here are a few more pictures....

I had been looking at these things for a better part of two years and did not see any with this pattern on the back and since it played so well I went ahead and got it....

take care everyone,
One last thing......You guys won't hurt my feelings if you say bad things..I really need the real deal on this thing....
A GC custom guitar just means that Guitar Center has reached a distribution agreement with Martin for a guitar with specifications that will meet a specific price point and feature set. Did you play it against a regular D-28 or other similar model?

Personally, I think you can expect that it has very decent build quality; the curved grain of the back is not an issue. If you liked it so much that you couldn't leave it there, then just love it, play it, polish it once in a while, and enjoy it.. That's what they're about.

I could not tell any difference between this model and the D-28 or any of the other higher end models. Sound was as good if not better (to my halfway trained ears anyway) and the settup was excellent also.
Very Nice hope you enjoy CHEERS
thanks....I think GC had it on sale and it was suggested at around 2300 or something..One thing I know is it sounded better than all the other martins they had (or as good as all the others) and played well. I think it was set up a little faster on the fretboard.

maybe I need to ask my question this way.

What is the advantage of buying a "non" custom?

I bought my first (and only) "new" guitar in 1979. It is an Alverez Yairi that I passed up a fine used Martin D35 to purchase. Today, my old Yairi isn't worth nearly what that Martin I skipped is worth but I have never regretted my purchase. I liked the guitar then and I still like it today. It's no longer my main player and hasn't been for several years. In comparison to my other guitars, it's tonal balance isn't so good and it's not loud enough but 30 years later, I'm still glad I bought it. I picked what I wanted to play, not what would go up in value. The martin would be worth more in dollars but it still wouldn't play as well.

It seem that you like the guitar you bought very much. It's from a reputable builder with a good track record. You like the way it plays and sounds. Why second guess your purchase? Every new guitar gets old soon enough. You just get to use the years in between to practice your playing.

What is the advantage of buying a custom model?
It's like buying a custom-made car. There will be a narrower segment of the population that will recognize or appreciate the difference or significance. Consequently, that narrows the possibility of re-sale should you decide to sell it. Secondly, there is a difference between being a truly one-of-a-kind custom instrument and being one of a number of custom-labeled production run instruments. A lot of instruments come from the Orient with truss-rod covers that are labeled "custom." If they are all "Custom," then none is truly special.

Your guitar should serve you well. Why after two years are you still questioning your judgment? You don't need anyone's approval or validation. If you want someone to tell you what a great and wonderful guitar you've bought, that's another issue, If you like it, that's the only thing that matters. If you'd feel batter with a D-28 with a sticker inside, go trade it.
I just hate it when people ask me what kind of martin I have and I have to say Custom GC model and then the questions start.....if you know what I mean
You probably get questions because of the word "Custom". Associated with "Martin", that probably conjurers visions of colorful inlay encrusted headstock and fingerboards and lists of builder's signatures for a lot of people. If it's too much of a bother to explain then avoid using the term. Just call it a "Guitar Center MMV or pick the mainstream Martin model that is closest to yours, then use that model for your answer. If any one calls you on it, explain that you get tired of explaining.
I follow you Ned.....


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