Hey everybody. I have this Agile LP I am wiring up for a buddy. I put CTS pots in and some orange drop caps. My buddy wanted to use the pick ups he put in when he attempted to wire it. I have it all wired, the neck pick up works fine on its own, the bridge is fine on its own. When the selector is in the middle position and the volumes are at ten there is some volume loss. If i roll back one a hair it comes up in volume, if I roll the other back a hair it goes back down. I am not a wiring expert by any means but I followed the diagram to a T and I am not sure where the problem is. I am sure it is something simple. Any help would be great! Thanks.

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David, If you are having a slight volume loss, then you have wired the system correctly. The pick-ups "listen" to different parts of the string and the frequencies produced at the different areas fight each other (they are out of phase). So when both pick ups are on, there is some phase cancellation, resulting in a slight volume loss (but a different tone).


(I digress) If you had significant volume loss with both pick ups on, then you probably have one pick-up out of phase (which doesn't seem the case here). Out of phase pick-ups sound nasally and thin. And if you lowered the volume of one, the overall volume would increase.



If the volume loss is enough to be noticeable as atypical (accompanied by a somewhat 'thin' and more trebled tone), then it's likely the pickups are out of phase with each other.

Do you have a multimeter? If you want to do anything with wiring, you need one. Decent meters are awfully cheap these days, and are invaluable to diagnose nearly any issue you may have in guitar electronics,


Try switching the hot and ground wire. Just a thought,


I got it! I feel kinda sheepish for posting about something so simple. We all have brain farts i suppose. Thanks for the help. With a fresh fret dressing this guitar sounds really great now. Got those tiny pots out and got some good caps in too. I love that push back wire! I did get my multimeter out and it gave me the solution.Thanks again!


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