I was going to post this one on the Delcamp Forum, but you guys are alot more fun. Anybody got one? or two?


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Whats the definiton of perfect pitch? A banjo hitting a fiddle when you throw it in the dumpter.
Police arrested a a Dobro thief the other day for stealing hubcaps.....
ummmm whats a hub cap???
Showing my age here......round shiny chrome cover that goes over the wheel nuts and hub of a car wheel.....

I just turned another shade of grey....I was born before Marshall Amps and the Stratocaster were invented, there was no TV and girls were not made out of plastic...Rusty.
I liked your joke just fine but I actually got a better laugh out of the idea that Donald didn't know what a hub cap is. I'm not knocking Donald, I'm just recognizing how old I am. I not only know what they are, all my cars still have them.

Hi Ned

You told me yesterday that you were an amateur Luthier. I think that's now clear by the way you said "ALL my cars". If you were a pro, you'd be saying "my pushbike".

I didn't know that cars don't have hubcaps anymore. Is that because I'm in England? I'll pop outside and report back.

I assumed my car doesn't have them because it's too cheap to have them.
Hi Jim,
Yeah, there's a whole different world out there when you don't work in the luxury service industry. Of course, there are other ways to be poor and happy. My newest auto is 18 years old... but it IS a car, not a "pushbike". ( I feel so superior right now. It's not a sensation I'm use to having.)

Hey Rusty- I was yanking your crank when I asked what a hub cap was-
I remember the 57 olds that I had and it had spinners and dulies.
peace brother,
Yes, I should have guessed....the car park at a luthiers convention always reminds me of the "rent -a wreck" car hire business we used to use in Hi-why.......Of course, we always park our BMWs and 911's out back in case the clients think we are overcharging.
And here I always thought you parked them out back because they didn't come with options like engines, transmissions, interiors.... I can see that I have a lot more to learn before I could even consider doing this for a living.

Well, not really a new joke (I might be wrong but if I remember well I read this in the book "Things About the Guitar" of José Ramírez III):

Luthiers never die in the poor-law infirmary...
...they don't have the money to get there.

Ummm, I'm a little frightened by this thread to be honest. I'm getting into guitar repair for the primary purpose of making a steady living for once. I'm an artist and musician, and even hold a masters degree in art - lofty topic for parties, until they see your car. I love working on guitars and I've really got a knack for it, but man o' man fella's it really that bad for the cash flow?


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