I have a Martin acoustic with a lifting bridge in for repair at the moment. As normal I started heating it up, and whilst working my spatula/knives in, I have come across what sounds and feels like 2 small metal locating pins, 1 on each wing of the bridge. I stopped the job there and then to be on the safe side!  I've been aware of these little pins existence but it's the first time I've actually come across them 'in the flesh'. Can anybody recommend how to proceed when faced with this? Can you keep heating and work the bridge off as normal, or is there another method I should be trying?

Thanks in advance as ever!



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Yep, that's it for me  - I just work around pins and count on them coming up along with the bridge.

If you are careful you can re-use the pins if you are planning on re-using the bridge.

Thanks a lot guys. Thats exactly what I needed to hear!
Cheers, Dar

Does this mean someone added the pins later or is Martin doing this now or used to ? Just curious......

Martin use them during assembly of the guitar. I'm not sure of whether they use them all the time or only on certain models, but this particular guitar is 6 years old. Maybe somebody else could elaborate!


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