Another request for help.  I have been playing in a band locally. Last night a kid (mid 20s) came up and started talking. He wanted to jam a bit after the gig. He had just returned from a tour in Afghanistan. Anyway, he had a Martin Model:000CXEBLACK I believe. About 5+yrs old, bought it 2nd hand 2-3 yrs ago. I first noticed 2 steel 5/16 bolt heads in the bridge, then when I looked closer the bridge was lifting so much you could see the bridge pins. The area around the back of the bridge in the soundboard was warped upward as the bridge lifter, before it separated. This guitar is made of what some quick research shows as Martin's HPL material.

The kid deserves a break, he's quite the musician and is trying to fit back in, get a job after his service for us. I want to fix this guitar for him...he's in love with it. I don't have a picture...yet.

The guitar needs a bridge plate and a new bridge. BUT, How can I flatten the 'hump' ....compression under heat? And what glue, epoxy? There didn't seem to be any sign of glue under the lifted bridge....but what is this black composite material?


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The bridge plate is partially separated, main cause of issues with top and bridge. I play on replacing with a slightly larger, slightly thicker rock maple bride plate. Surface prep prep for med CA will be the main issue. I hope I can get the bulge out by clamping before I try to glue with the 'quick' drying time of the CA. Other posts deter me from any 'heat' to get it flat 1st.


NO idea if this is any help, or even much on topic, but there is an auction now for something like this with really good photos - egads, what a hunk of crap. (BTW - nobody should buy this, except the Martin company, in an attempt to hide their shame.)

Wow, on the busted martin! Look at the finger board wear. Must have been smashed on stage by somebody famous!


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