I have a Martin DC 16RGTE with the top sinking in…It's sunken a full 1/8th of an inch in front of the bridge…I can find no loose bracing so far…It's in a dry time of year here in Minnesota…Is it possible lack of humidity could do that ?...

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I've used Hesh's method ever since he first described it 'a while back' on this forum . The bottom line: It works.

Thanks, Hesh.

Not only is it effective, it's comparatively quick compared to 'in case' humidification systems. I agree that they're designed for maintenance, not a 'rescue'.


  inside that bag, that's what it's like here in Hawaii all the time !

  I mean literally, so my 1924 Martin parlor is a miracle !

nice hesh!  its getting dry here in new york too.


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