Hi guys , i had a Martin in this morning with HPL body , the back has separated from the neck block area , Im wondering what the best glue is , it is a clean separation with almost no wood fibres on the laminate . I tend to think west systems epoxy might be the best , any ideas please ?

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Hi Len, 

Yep, that'll do it.    These guitars tend to open up like a can when given a "shock" drop.   I've taken to internal strips of graphite fibre and epoxy for some of these depending on how the break looks.   It there is wood fibre on both sides its business as usual - if the composite is a clean separation I tend towards a bit of reinforced surface area across the sparated area.

Minus 5 degrees before wind chill factor here in sunny Canberra.

Regards, Rusty 

OK thanks Rusty , yikes -5 deg ! your epoxy will be thick as molasses . PS have you ever tried techniglue ?

Yep, its a standard in the furniture industry,especially the thickened variety.   West systems can be thickened with colloidal silica - a bag cost 10 bucks and will last a lifetime and is available through West Systems and other places.   The site provides the spec for all grades of repair and restructure with the various thicknesses mixed.    Cold is relative - I'm sure there are colder places but I just haven't found them yet.

Regards, Rusty.

I find that medium viscosity cyanoacrylate with  normal clamping  does a fine job of sticking those parts back together.  After it hardens, we sand or file off the squeeze-out and smooth that beveled edge.  Any spills will wash off the "HPL" with acetone.  epoxy sounds good, to, although just a bit more work.

Wow , thanks Frank , i wouldn't have considered CA for a large job like a neck block/back joint . I don't know what Martin use but it fails . I have West Systems and thickener here and i trust it so , I think I'll go that way , thanks again your site and your input is greatly appreciated .


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