A friend asked me to clean up the top of his old black Les Paul. The lacquer on the "elbow area" was worn and dirty. Washing did not help. I have used finish restorer and polish for cars with great success earlier (after 4000-12000 grit Micro Mesh). Not so with the black surface of the LP. I don't get the mirror shine that I want. I have tried different polish compounds and I have found various solutions on the net, but I would be glad if someone here could tell me what they would do to make a black -74 Les Paul shiny again. 

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It’s possible that the lacquer in that area has degraded from sweat, deodorant, and whatnot, and no amount of buffing will bring out a mirror shine. I’ve encountered that, and you just do the best you can.

Otherwise, a stationary buffer and Menzerna compounds do it for me.



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