This fret bender does a great job, but I find the controls clumsy and imprecise. Here's a mod I did to mine using a drill and dremel:


From the working side of the tool I can adjust very quickly and accurately. Also, there is plenty of mechanical advantage in the lever to start the bend in the fretwire.

I wonder if anyone will find this helpful.



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Thanks for explaining the nuts & bolts to me... it's a great idea. Now, couldn't a fellow go another step and mark the different radius points on the frame, where the arm would intersect them?  It would take a little trial-and-error, but you'd have a repeatable reference for future radius-bending.

Unrelated note: it's always irked me (a minor irk, granted) that the first inch or so of the fretwire is 'sacrificed' before the bender actually starts creating the radius... so let's work on that next, OK?:)

Mike, a fellow could go that other step. It's a good idea, and I did it today. I glued a little arm to the lever.


First, here's what the geometry of a (relatively) straight fret looks like:





It doesn't take much effort to bend the fret to the smallest radius:



About 1/8" of movement of the lever equals about 2 degrees of radius:



It's interesting how little movement is required to change the radius by a couple of degrees. I'm guessing that people who get good at changing radius get comfortable with the amount of pressure they apply to the bearing axle against the spring of the fret.




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