Hello again


I have another guitar, an Ibanez Hummingbird replica from '70s.



I want to replace these block inlays with real MOP.


I made a little drawing to be better understood:


This is a cross-section of the neck. With orange is the fingerboard and with blue are the inlays.

The inlays are not radiused, so they will stay proud to the fingerboard ( please excuse my English).


My question is, how do I remove the MOP powder that will enter in the rosewood pores after sanding the MOP to the radius?

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Either suck ut clean with a vacuum or blow it clean is you have conpressed air
As Jeff said, no particular problem with cleaning this. Go for vacuum.
Thank you both for your answers.
I was afraid that the MOP dust will stick into the wood fibers.
Only time I could imagine that happening is if you had oiled the fretboard, if so I would clean it with a mild solvent like naptha before you do the work.
Really? I've never had such problem!?
To me, the only problem appear when I inlay ebony or dark wood in mapple or clear wood.

If you wantto never have problem like this, use Abranet sandpaper on a caul linked to your vacuum.

I have a similar project, How did you remove the existing block inlays without causing damage?


the plastic inlays can usually be removed with gentle heat to soften the glue and a dental pic. if you have trouble with this method, route out the interior of the inlay and use a chisel to remove the edge.


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