Hi, when I responded to the post on island bench/vice some time ago and showed what I have used for many years, I had not looked at the link that was also posted at the time. Well, I later had had a look at that Vise system and, wow, what can I say?

As the original poster did not respond back, I forgot to post this info even though I had it prepared. So here goes now.

My pitiful version of such a vise [no comparison really] is shown here, and I’ve been using it for a couple of years now and it cost less than $50.00. It can be bench mounted as in these photos or on a pedestal. There are a number of jaws and fittings I have made for doing different jobs at different angles, they are quickly attached, and it has certainly speeded up tasks and made them easier to do.

Below the vice is mounted to the top of the bench... 

There are many more variations, but I think you get the idea..

Of course, one has to be aware of its limitations, but it has worked fine for me over the years, and I still find ways to extend its functions.
Cheers Taff

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Thanks for the tip :-)


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