Hi folks.

The vintage dealer for whom I repair got the referenced guitar in a "collection buy". See the photos of the unrestored guitar.

Info on this instrument is sketchy.  It's attributed to Canadian builder John Gay.  Mr. Gay reportedly built instruments for Johnny Cash, Ferlin Husky and other classic C&W stars.

As you can see, the guitar is 'gawdied-out' to the max.  Those gold sparkle inlays are about 3/16" deep. The headstock looks like it was designed by PA Bigsby on acid.  The tuners are a left handed set on a right handed guitar as they "tune" bass-ackwards.  There appears to be a letter "E" inlaid into the bridge.

The build quality of the instrument is very good.  The 5 piece neck is incredible. Considering its age (late '50's/early '60's?)  It has a loud but constipated voice.

If anyone has any info on the builder or his instruments, please let me know.

After a basic cleaning & restring, the dealer decided to sell the guitar "as is".  It needs the bridge removed, cleaned & re-glued.  It needs  a neck reset, the fb trued and new frets. If you know anyone that may be interested in this unique and stylish instrument, it'll be for sale at the Arlington Guitar Show next weekend.

Thanks in advance for any info(-:,


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more photos




This is everything 60's country and western that I've ever seen in one guitar. So cool that you don't care what it sounds like. Now where did I put that rhinestone suit? Thanks for sharing Paul. 

It just screams Porter Waggoner, doesn't it?

I believe that the builders name was Frank Gay. He lived in Edmonton, Alberta, and although I had never met him I have seen a couple of his guitars. I believe one may be in the Country Music hall of fame or some where like that.

The guitars he made were all similar to this one, reasonably well made but a bit garish, at least the ones that I had seen.

He also did repair work as well as some performing etc. I believe he passed away sometime in the l980's, but I'm not certain of the date.

Hope this info will help out.



Thank you so very much.

That info is invaluable.  BTW: you description of "garish" is perfect.  It's kind, but accurate (:

A sincere, "Thanks again",

Paul (-:


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