This is the worst break I've seen. In addition to the normal break thru the volute, the headstock veneer is separated for about 1/2 in. on the side shown below the purfling line and then the crack travels down to meet the volute crack which is separated clear across the neck. BUT the peghead is still firmly attached and requires firm pressure to open either crack. I assume the volute crack is clean and can simply be glued and clamped with hot hide per Frank's religion. But how do I glue the headstock crack which may have old glue in it in the straight part and get glue in the diagonal crack traveling down the volute crack? See attached photo.
I hate to completely separate the peghead from the neck, but don't think I can glue both at once.
I am thinking cyanoacrylate in the headstock veneer 1st and then hot hide glue in the volute crack. Two separate glue ups. Anyone have a better idea?

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Hard to tell without holding it, but with the risk that there is unidentified
glue in both cracks - and if the lower and more constructional sensitive one
is lined up sufficiently - I would saw through that crack and glue a shim into it.

Before the shim is in place, there should be opportunity to rock the head
enough to fix the upper crack....
Can't you bent the peghead enough to open, run the glue into the crack and push it deep inside with a long hair brush? I think it worth a try before cutting and shimming, the wood is beautiful. You should do it very carefully to avoid a complete breaking.
Sometimes, cyanoacrylate is the way to go in a case like this. If there's old glue in there, it's possible that hide glue won't adhere well, even if you can get it in there. The big advantages of CA are its low viscosity and high cohesive strength.

So, if you stress the crack open, you can run in the thin viscosity glue, followed by a dose of medium. Wipe it off the finish as you go - you'll have some lacquer to touch up anyway. Clamp up overnight, and you should have a solid repair.
Thanks for the opinions. I don't want to cut and remove any wood and I am sure the big break in the volute is clean and new. So I will follow the example at and Franks reiteration. I just needed some help thinking about this and some confidence building.

Frank, this site is a great service! Thanks


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