Hi All,

 I've had a few neck re-sets through the workshop recently (lucky me). I always take a photo of the join once it's apart in case I do one the same again. It's handy to know what angle/depth to drill the streaming holes.

Does anyone else do this?

Is it possible to have a gallery page on this forum to show them all? - might be a useful resource for us.

Just a thought


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That is a very good idea! Got a few examples to show?

Show us whatcha got MrG!! Sounds like a helpful insight kinda thing.......

I think this is a good idea, and would personally find it a resource.  I always take measurements/photos/drawings of dovetails so when I undo the same brand guitar I'm a step ahead of the game.  I'll share what I have once this is figured out..Tom

Some pics of the Yamaha I did last week. And here are some more on my blog :

I've got loads more somewhere - I'll have a look

So has anyone else got any? I've shown you mine ...



Here's a couple from my archive. First is an 1857 Martin 2 1/2 17.

Then a 1978 Gibson ES 335.

Late 1800's George Bauer Parlor.

And a 1920's Lyon and Healy Style A.

Wow, you've been having fun.

Anyone else got pics?

Does anyone know if there's a way of adding a gallery to a forum?

Maybe there's some other way of doing it (I'm not as technogeek as I could be).

What a great resource this could be - exciting stuff


Hi mrGlyn,

I think you had a great idea! I don't know if it's possible to realise this on this forum... could be too much for our dear Frank Ford... but: maybe he still got some room for an "How's the neck attached" gallery on

This photo is not of a reset-project, but still: it shows how this neck was fixed on a Morris (model 205 dated 05-1973) guitar.


Hi Bart,

 that's just the sort of pic that could save heaps of time. Just knowing there's no dovetail makes all the difference.

I'm sure lots of luthiers would contribute - I don't want to just put pics on a website, we need something we can all add to as and when we do a re-set.

 Any ideas?

I do love the idea of international co-operation on the internet.

 I'm getting quite excited by this - I'll go and file some fret ends, that'll calm me down :-)


I'm doing a reset right now on a 1964 Roy Noble Brazilian dreadnought with a massive headblock that you would swear has a dovetail joint, no cigar.... Luckily for me I had to remove the epoxied on fretboard anyhow and low and behold no joint at all. Just heel epoxied to sides. I'm converting it to a bolt on. A resource like this could save many a luthier lots of wasted effort and time. Hope something comes together on this.

Show us your bolt-on method? So far all I've made are b/o.

Tim, I am still in process but thus far it goes like this; all of the bolt ons I've done so far have been on a mortise and tenon joint as the basis with threaded inserts in the tenon. The Noble presented me with some issues as what remained of the heel was too small to accept the inserts so I replaced the heel with a more substantial piece of mahogany and added an insert of maple with the grain perpendicularly oriented such that the insert is contained in the maple part of the heel. I've yet to drill and add the inserts but I promise pictures when that is complete.

At this moment has 2142 users... suppose they all sent 1 pic for this "Worlds Largest Database on Neck Attachment" (the "WLDONA" domain is still free on the www).


What would a toppic like that look like here on Could you find the pic you were looking for?

And even an added database to this site would need a lot of attention:

You'd need to look at them all, selecting the best, check if they are indeed of the instrument they are supposed to be of, ad comments, discard the doubles etc.etc.

Remember: Frank Ford already has a life (and wife!)...

Okay: once up and running, maintaining the database wouldn't take all that much time, but to get it there...


And don't forget: digital storage room isn't free of costs too.

On the other hand: I can imagine the trafic WLDONA will generate could be of interest (ad-wise I mean).

Have you tried PM-ing Frank Ford?


I'm off, sharpening my chissels, just to keep me on the edge...


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