Hi All,

 I've had a few neck re-sets through the workshop recently (lucky me). I always take a photo of the join once it's apart in case I do one the same again. It's handy to know what angle/depth to drill the streaming holes.

Does anyone else do this?

Is it possible to have a gallery page on this forum to show them all? - might be a useful resource for us.

Just a thought


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Is that a large knot in the head block?

Hello to all. What a great thread.

1964 Kawai EP-150 Archtop off-set dovetail joint:

Hole just to the left of the fret marker at the 15th fret gets you in there.

Nice guitar, though this one needs a lot of work. 

1943 Gibson L-03. War time guitar without truss rod. Appears to be a maple truss support.

Drilled through the 15th fret?  Was there much of a gap for the steam?

Yes, and yes. This was an easiy one. Came right off after about a minute of steam. Tenon and mortise held together well. Attached is another photo.

1951 National branded Valco archtop, this one is a bolt on.

I had to make a shim to get the neck angle correct, forward/ back and laterally. The neck heel was already flat down in the neck pocket, so the adjuster screw was no help. The lateral adjustment was very fussy and took several assemblies and dis-assemblies, strung and tuned to pitch and modifying the shim, to get it right.

Had the back off to re-do the failed top braces so you can see the beefy washer nut in the neck block.

And shot of the guitar.

Need to make a pick guard but otherwise it is done.

Here is an Epiphone El Dorado , dowel and bolt , at least the crappy thing came off without de-laminating the body.

NIce job!  How did you persuade that to come apart so conveniently?

Hello, Len - Like Ian, I am curious as to how you coaxed the neck off ? Was it already coming apart ? It doesn't look like you cut it off !; but that you got the glue to fail ? Please advise us about your method. I have two of these ( FT350BL El Dorado ), that I want to to do the same to. Cheers, Mike

Hi Ian and Michael , at this point I would like to show my superior knowledge and intelect , but alas , what happened was I assumed it was a martin style tenon and seperated the fretboard from the body , injected steam through a hole in 13th fret slot, while applying pressure to the heel . After a suitable time I thought some wiggling was in order and then I saw a gap between heel and body , removed the stewmac press gig , and as far as i remember , I pryed a bit with a paint scraper and off she came . It was a few months ago , so not fresh in my old brain , the steam must have spread through the butt joint and did the trick . I probably filed then sanded the heel , the reset was a succes I know that much , but when things become run-of-the-mill I forget to take photos . Mike id say have a go but dont push it into destruction , it may be easy like this one , and pull it away from body not up like a dovetail .

Hi, Len - Thanks for sharing! Any insight about these particular Epis is helpful. For some reason, I come across a lot of them; so, any info. is really appreciated. Yup, both of these 350's I've got are very close to the one in the picture. Cheers, Mike


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