I'm removing the bolt-on neck on a Conn 1512 because the heel is cracked and needs repair.  I have unglued the fingerboard extension, no problem,  removed the nut from the single bolt, scored the edges of the heel, and the darn thing won't budge.  Is the neck-body joint glued, or is there some necessary force that needs to be applied?  I've tried lightly tapping the bolt, and around the heel but no luck.  Any good advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I wouldn't be surprised if this was a flush doweled joint with the bolt for "insurance".
I did a Conn a few years ago. The neck joint was a butt joint, inset about 1/8" into the body, and there was a dovetail running underneath the fingerboard extension, parallel to the neck.
That's got to be it (confirmed by a third source). The joint is inset into the body. Is the dovetail under the fingerboard glued? If so, did you need steam, or just continued heat and light water beneath the fingerboard extension?
I think I heated the extension for a long, long time. Can't remember the glue status.

Good luck, with this.



I am curious what you found and if you were successful in getting the neck off. I have a Con 12-string, different model but having scored and heated the fingerboard extension, my spatula is coming up against an obstruction about 3/4 of an inch wide and extending to about 3/4 of an inch from the end of the extension.

Did you use steam or heat alone? Also, is the dovetail inverted, narrow on top, or right side up.

Thanks for your response.


Clifton:  Did you get the neck removed from the Conn and how did it go?  I'm removing one from a 70's Conn classical guitar right now and having some issues.  I've got the tongue dislodged from the wedged bracing block inside all the way to the edge.  Should I back out the stud bolt from the heel before I steam it out?

The one I did, the heel a butt joint inside the shallow socket for it.  It may not have been glued at all. The bolt was a hangerbolt, with a washer & nut on the inside of the guitar.

Yes, and mine has the hanger bolt with an end-cap nut inside the guitar and two lock washers. Now, I have the tongue completely dislodged. What would you recommend I do to get the heel out?

Have you tried working it back & forth?

I just found a couple of photos of the Conn I did.


Thanks, Jeff. Appreciate the pics. Already had tried working it and failed to get movement.  But two steam holes tonight did it (pic attached).


Very interesting.  Never seen one like that.

Just got an Epiphone Sheraton in for repairs this week and it appears to have the same basic design neck joint as the Conn.  It is from the 70's and Japanese. Beautiful guitar, too, and a great sounding acoustic (see pics).



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