I'm removing the bolt-on neck on a Conn 1512 because the heel is cracked and needs repair.  I have unglued the fingerboard extension, no problem,  removed the nut from the single bolt, scored the edges of the heel, and the darn thing won't budge.  Is the neck-body joint glued, or is there some necessary force that needs to be applied?  I've tried lightly tapping the bolt, and around the heel but no luck.  Any good advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Gary - that's a beautiful Epiphone!  There seem to have been at least two different Japanese builders of Epiphones back then - one great, the other indifferent. Can you tell me what label is inside (photo would be great!)?

Epiphone Sheraton Model FT570BL. Didn't take a pic of the label and it already went back to the customer. Yes, it is a beautiful piece.  Tone is excellent.


I think this would have to be Top Honors, in the Asian Mystery Joint category...


Exactly where did you place the steam holes?


Steamed it at both the 14th and the 15th frets.  Four holes.

Gary, I have what I believe to be a similar neck joint as what you found on your Conn classical.  I added a post already describing this.  But I have come up with a few additional questions that you may be able to shed some light on.

Do you remember which fret holes you think you  drilled and tried first?  The 14th or 15th position.  I may be imagining it, but the 15th seems positioned to go into the block and miss the dovetail pocket.   Do you remember if the drill holes reached the dovetail pocket?   

The 14th  looks like it catches the end of the side pieces and would release steam into that shallow pocket made by the thickness of the sides and the neck block.

Is there a slight tenon built into the back of the heel that fills that pocket?  And it looks like glue was applied across the whole surface.

Thanks in advance for any additional information you can pass along.


Gary - don't suppose you remember what colour the label was?  Blue maybe?

Seems like the label was amber colored.  I'll be talking to the customer again soon and I'll ask him.

Gary - just found a FT570BL (maybe even the same one?) sold recently on Ebay, item # 160720970074.  It has a blue label, same as my FT147.  I have some circumstantial evidence pointing towards Tokai as the manufacturer (FWIW).

From out of the dumpster . . . .and onto my work bench.  This is my hobby, not a paid pro here.

I was re-researching neck joints with bolts and came across this thread.

I have a Citation CIT8001.  A cheap 70's import Martin copy that among it's list of issues is a neck reset. 

It has the same interior single nut and bolt setup.  I've loosened the fingerboard from the top before I saw these pictures of the dovetail slot under the fb extension.  Ran into added resistance at the point I think I was separating the board from that extension.  So I'm fairly sure I will find that extension when I get this neck out.  I didn't have to add a lot of heat to get the extension loose

Add this to my grandfathers advice of: measure twice, cut once.  Research twice, ask at least once, unglue with knowledge.

I'm going to pull the 15th fret and steam the joint and see if that will help me complete the separation.  Right now the joint is still very solid, no wiggle in any direction.

Next question, as you removed the necessary amount of wood to re-align the heel, did you have to adjust the bolt hole to accommodate the new angle of the retaining bolt?  Back fill any elongation of the bolt hole?

Thanks again for posting your pictures. It is very helpful.



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