Hello everyone! I have a '63 D18 in for a neck reset. When strung up with .013s, we have around .022" of relief. Strings off, we have .004". As I am going to refret this anyway, I was thinking of using a bit of compression fretting to straighten the neck. So, the questions...

Would you refret first, to get a better read on the neck angle? And I was contemplating setting it up with .012s, just so that if the owner switches up to a lighter gauge, there won't be any backbow. How would you all approach this? Thanks!


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IMO iwould def do the refret after the reset is complete. as well as everything may look spot on, you never know what is going to happen once glue and clamps are introduced into the situation. if you do a spectacular fret job, then do the reset, you'll end up doing fret leveling and recrowning at the body/neck joint when this could have been taken care of by leveling the fingerboard THEN doing the refret. just my 2cents. good luck


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