So for whatever reason this time, a few of the holes I drilled for some side dots on this neck are a little too large. So now I'm left with a little gap all the way around the side dot material. I'm wondering what the best method to use would be here. I was initially thinking to drop fill...any suggestions? (Photo attached)

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The dots appear to be white.  If this is the case, get a piece of white binding material.  Then use the same drill bit you used to the drill the holes, turn it around in your drill press, and use it to punch out new dots from the binding - they will fit perfectly.


The holes are larger than the drill bit I used so that wouldn't work.

I should clarify...I'd rather not change the size of the dots themselves, but rather find a way to fill the gap with something that appears to be natural.

Hi Pete.

The easiest way to get things in order is to remove the dots and fill the holes with a wood dust (same kind as the FB) and CA mix. Let it cure for 24 hours, level with a file(s) and sandpaper then re-drill using the correct drill bit and install NEW (not the old) side dots. That's about it.

I think I may have offered you the following advice before, but it bears worth repeating:

Please feel free to ask the forum "how to do" questions as opposed to "how do I fix my mistakes" questions.

In this case, the first thing we would have recommended is to drill test holes in scrap to determine the proper drill bit for the diameter side dot material you intend to use. See how that would have allowed you to do it correctly the first time?

But then again, things like this DO add to your experiences. The first 4 years of my introduction to repair were fraught with daily exclamations of "Well, I won't do THAT again". :)  Nowadays, they only come at a rate of a couple each month.

Also, don't start the method I described right away. There are many ways to skin this cat and other cat skinners are sure to (will hopefully) comment, likely with better & easier solutions.  We ALL are perpetual students.

Good luck & I'm sure you'll end up with an invisible repair on this task.


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