Would like to reset the neck on a Gretsch 6118 anniversary model for a customer. I'm not sure what kind of joint gretsch used . There is a finished plug in the heel. This indicates a bolt on . Is the neck also attached in a neck pocket, or, is it a dovetail? Any and all help would be appreciated.

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Yes there is a screw in there and it is also glued in to . The one that i repared was not Dovetailed .And when I took the screw out it just fell apart,so be carefull.Bill.""""""""
Hey Bill,
Thanks for the reply. I figgured the Gretsch 6118 neck joint was as you described. Looks like the biggest problem is going to be getting the plug out of the heel without any ( or, too much ) damage . Thanks again, I appreciate the advice. Dale

Hope I'm not too late, I just joined.

The plug is usually polyfilla, and keep your eye out, as sometimes theere is a screw sideways into the joint, which you'll be able to see in the cutaway. Obviously you'll need to finish over the plug, and mixing that green is annoying. It had a lot more red in than I was expecting.

They usually pop right out with hardly any steam once you've taken out the screws. I had no need to use a jig on either anniversarys that I've had the necks off.

Gretsch at the time were paying people by the guitar, rather than by the hour, so they are really just thrown together.


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