Hello my friends. I have posted before about TBB's.
This time though, I am seriously considering buying one.
But, I have some concerns, and I could really use the help
figuring out if my concerns are real or imagined.
First off, the bolted-on neck. It actually is not bolted-on,
but screwed-on, correct? Is that really OK? How stable is that?
Second, the lack of much internal bracing, and also the lack
of much finish. I have heard reviews saying the minimal internal
bracing, combined with the light satin finish, make the guitar
extremely sensitive to humidity changes, and thus warping
of the guitar, mainly the neck.
I live in Mass. and the humidity changes very much between the seasons,
so this scares me, if it is in fact true.
Third, the very bright sound, which I like, but it seems almost too bright.
Can I deepen the sound with the right strings?
Thank you for any help..

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I have a Baby and bought a Big Baby for my daughter (16)  and a MiniGS for my son (12). They are all nice guitars. The Big Baby is a world apart from my Baby. Plays true and sounds great. Her friends come over and take turns with it. The MiniGS is swell too. Big sound and uses the standard Taylor neck.

Hi, thanks for the input.

I finally bought a Taylor 110, and absolutely love it!



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