need Gurian guitar photo for Premier Guitar, Bob Taylor column

Greetings fellow guitarists:

I'm searching for a photo of a Gurian guitar to go with a Bob Taylor column I'm editing for our April issue (he said nice things about Gurian). Just wondering if anyone has a hi-res image (preferably 300 dpi, perhaps 4x6) in your archives that we could use (with full credit and special thanks) to accompany Taylor's text.


We're in the last day of production for the April issue, so time is tight. (Which always seems to be the refrain in the publishing world!)

My email at PG is:



Andy Ellis
Senior Editor, Premier Guitar

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There is a photo in the museum.

i assume you've already tried to contact Michael Gurian.

Thanks, Joshua! This is a great help.



Andy, This link contains a bunch of Gurian photos of a J-R 3 that I sold.  You can copy and use any of these with a simple photo credit to Tom Krebs.

Wow! This is great. Thanks Tom. I really appreciate it.




Tom -


Welcome to the sandbox!


I do have slightly  higher versions of the photos of the '73 S3 Brazilian -  1200 x 1600 pixels  -  if  you'd like any of them, just let me know.




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