Came across this.... Need to know if it can be ID'd and be worth grabbing to restore---

Dave F

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I am having trouble loading the photos
Here's one other pic
Really better off asking this at the Banjo Hangout. Looks cool, though.

Looks like it could be a buckbee

Approximate value if restored to decent condition?

I hate to say it but what ever someone is willing to pay. How much work does It need? Is it a Buckbee or a Dobson? what will it cost to get it playable and how much time do you want to spend on it? For $125 it might have that in parts.

The bad news is that these days it's seldom cost-effective to restore these old-timers, even if the needs are modest. 

If it was me I would buy it ,restore and keep it to sell later. I just found the tuning pegs I have been looking 15 years for a Buckbee I have. No hurry for these things.

I think this time it's rough enough that I'll pass on it unless they come way down. Thanks, all!


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