First of all, thank you Mr. Ford. has given me many many hours of enjoyment since the first time i found it. I have been casually studying the guitar for a while and have recently started playing electric bass in southern gospel singing groups. I used the how to make a nut articles to make a bone nut for my basses to replace the cheap plastic ones that came on them. i have always wanted to build a guitar and would appreciate any opinions on the stewmac kits. thanks all


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,Hi Mathew--- Stew mac has a bunch of material including nut blanks that make very good nuts for what ever you may need them for what I did when I first started when I first made my first guitar was to rummage thru the Stew Mac catalogue and see what is there to do what you need to do. what I did is start with a bunch of plastic nuts that I picked up off of EBAY and extaramented  making nuts until I got one that worked. Trial and err. will give you some great results, and after you do a few you will become good at it.  Best to you and be well------ Donald 

Hi Matthew,

The STEWMAC guitar kits are a good entry level kit from a reputable business and they have a lot of free advice and information on site to assist you.   

However, experience has shown our business that the best intentions still need to be reinforced with learning some basic guitar building skills and having suitable tools/equipment and supplies.    These things are not alway available and a significant number of guitar building enterprises come undone or land on our doorstep beyond resuscitation.

However, if you have the cash and the determination to step up to this challenge it is rewarding and character building.

Good luck Matt and welcome to the forum.


thanks. my grandfather built mountain dulcimers, and when he died, we ended up with his equipment, so i know that i already have some of the tools. i am thinking about buying the kit and then adding tools before i even attempt to build one. and watching the instructional dvd many times over before even attempting it.

Mathew-- perhaps you should start your building venture by building a Dulcimer first, because of the cost of materials and since you have tools to make one.

Just a thought, however do as you feel.

Best to you and be well---- Donald



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