Lately there has been a daily barrage of obvious spammers applying for membership here at FRETS.NET.

Some time ago, I added those simple questions to weed out those bots or people who obviously don't belong, and every day I deny the membership to a dozen or more automated responses (usually two random letters).

Sometimes, though, I do manage to push the "deny" by accident.  PLEASE try again to register if that happens to you!



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I got exactly the same email, and did exactly what you did.

It appear that someone has hacked your membership list. Just got spam though this site. 

Keep up the good work !


Yep - but deleted and gone now, I hope. . .

check my account, somebody's sending me an email to get in contact with them.. sounds like scam

Thanks, cheers, 


Thanks  -  I heard about that today and dumped that "member!"

Hi Frank, I'm new here but just received a dodgy email too.


Sorry about that  - another one slipped through yesterday.   I don't hesitate to drop them as soon as they're reported.  

I also received an email through the site. It was signed aisha and I am assuming it is a scam.
I am also wondering why firefox is claiming this site is not secure and not allowing any of the picture content.
Thank you

Thanks FRank!

Hi, I have the same issue as Robert, I can't "access photos as the site is unsafe".
Everything working tickety-boo here! No weirdness, no weird emails :)

Just got the same yesterday from some lady in Dubai requesting contact with me


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