I have a set of double edged nut files and cant figure out the sizes of each edge. I never got directions when I bought them. I have tried to measure and everything I try tells me nothing. The sizes are written on one side bet what is the secret?

I have a full set of the flat ones and use them daily. I bought these when they first came out.

Robro Ron

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So yea just start cutting I can kinda feel when I got the sharp one or the wider one and also look at the file s side to see what material is being cut it leaves dust on the file put dial calipers on the tip like 1/32 of the tip then etch in to the file what size for now till you know for sure but my set is usually the writing up right facing you the small one on top and the big one on the bottom CHEERS PHB
lesson learned ....alot of stew mac stuff just plain me get the all parts files...send those stew mac one's back and spend a couple extra bucks on the all parts files....they are staggered so you can pretty easily identify the sizes...i.e. first file will have the low e and g string second will have the a and b string
You're going to buy ANOTHER set of double edge nut files? Lesson not learned.
Thank you thank you for the info. I will go down now and mark them with a arrow so this old memory will remember. I like the original files as the same is on each side. They are not tapered which I seem to like.

I know this is old but i had these double sided nut files and i ebayed them. They cut a v shaped slot. i didn't like that. I prefer my old single side files i bought years ago from stew mac.
I must have bought my set from S-M after everyone complained about no markings for the width of the cuts. Mine have vinyl covers on the handle and each side states the width of the cut. Still, I used my Brother label maker to make a label for each side indicating the cut width. I figured that at some point the numbers on the vinyl covers will wear off.
To my way of thinking the ones S-M sold without the cut width indicated on them is defective. IMHO send'em back and tell S-M to mark the cut width on each side of all of them and pay the return shipping and your shipping.
I have a mix of files. The flat single sized ones work great. I try to remove as much material as possible before cutting slots. Even with the double sided SM files; not much room for slots to become V shaped.
At the risk if duplicating what others have said, I have been totally impressed by the Allparts files. I buy them singly rather than in sets, the reason being that their sizes are nominal; put a micrometer on them and you might find up a tolerance of +/- 1.5 thou, so whem I put handles on them I mark the actual thickness. Consequently I've built up a set in whose performance I can be confident. The files cut a parallel-sided slot with a rounded bottom and are fairly rapid acting. No more then two gentle strokes of the file followed by a check is the only way I can avoid getting into trouble. Definitely worth getting.


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