Hi, late last year I did major repairs and some restoration to this old Gibson. It had been painted all over with brown paint years ago, evidently to hide the very unprofessional repairs done at that time.

When stripping the paint off the marks in the top and back indicated with arrows became visible. They seem to be filled holes.

I can’t think of any reason why the holes would have been there in the first place; anybody have any ideas?

Thanks, Taff.

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A possibility:

Hi Greg, thanks for the suggestion. I thought that could be the case with the back, like a pad, but then they appeared on the front so I thought a resonator of some kind, but then why on the back. The guitar had also been fitted with a tailpiece.

I just had another thought. What if the strings went from the bridge to bridge pins at the hole locations, and when that did not work a tailpiece was added? But there were no signs of string damage at those holes.

Hmmm, Taff

Not a Resonator definitely. A nice lg00 (no binding) from 34 to 41never saw those kinda hole locations.

Probably decorations with a center pin, maybe shiny stars :-)

I gotta vote for the leather cover.

not sure on Elvis’s and Rick Nelson’s, but some could have been tacked on with nails.
Elvis was probably the main influence, outside  of C&W, for that style of guitar cache’.

Jimmy Velvet sure looked like Carl Smith!


Hi, thanks for all your input everybody. this was an interesting repair and has a bit of a story too. I have all the photos of the repair journey. The job involved first undoing the customer's deceased husband's earlier repairs, before doing my own. 

I'll do it as a separate post, stay tuned.



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