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Looks like a USA made parlor from around 1890. BRW in the bottom and sides, bracing in the bottom like a Martin. The bracing in the top is different. No maker I've seen before. But nice woods!

Some of the 1900 - 1910 lower end Lyon & Healey / Washburns had a single diagonal brace like that.

That sure looks alot like the Washburn I have. I can post photos of it for comparaison the next time I have it in front of me. Mine is a Washburn style 101, it was made sometime between 1889 and 1896. The transitions from the headstock to the back of the neck look the same as mine, tuners look to be a good match, and the rosette and bracing are also just about identical. I'm editing this comment because I just remembered I had a few pics on my Instagram that I can link to. One picture shows the condition it was in when I first got it, and the other shows it part way through restoring it.


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