I'm wanting to build a new side-bending jig, but I've run into a snag. LMII no longer seems to stock parts like press screws and springs, and I have little idea as to what sizes to look for.

There are plenty of companies who stock extension springs but I'm bewildered by the extensive range they offer and don't know where to begin.

The dimensions that seem to be important are, wire diameter, spring diameter, unstretched length and maximum extension - if some kind and knowledgeable person could give me some idea as to what to look for, it would be greatly appreciated.

Press screws are available from Rockler and look good value, but of course I then have to pay international postage to the UK + customs which makes the deal less attractive. There doesn't seem to be anything similar available in the UK - perhaps someone knows of a supplier in Europe? So far extensive searches have turned up nothing this side of the water.



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Iv'e seen people have success with bungi cords in place of springs. I offer this without personal experience. I still use a hot pipe. Also iv'e seen large irwin squeeze clamps instead of a screw press. Again, no experience, but it looked like it would work.

*sorry for the double told me i had not written anything on this post, so i re-posted it.

I have seen people use bungi cords instead of springs. I offer this without any experience. I still use a hot pipe.

Thanks Steve. Using bungee hadn't occurred to me. May well trial it. However I prefer the use of press screws as I feel it would give a little more control on the bending process, particularly for cutaways.

Try John Hall at Bluescreek Guitars, he sells parts for sidebending.


I bought the parts from LMI some 15 years ago.  The springs have a wire diameter of 0.093 and the outside diameter of the coiled part is 0.754.  The length of the coiled section is 5 3/8 inches with 58 turns.  The distance between the hooks is 6 1/2 inches.  Hope that helps.


Thanks to Cal for your link. Followed it up and whilst they don't offer springs and screws, they do have a lot of stuff that I might well be interested in at a later date

Thanks also to George - that's exactly the information I'm looking for so that I can order my springs with some confidence!



Dave, I have a press screw you can have if we can figure out a way to get it to you.

They're available at Woodcrafters, and Rockler, in the veneering section.

Dave,  I just was looking at the Blues Creek Guitar site.  They had a set of 3 pairs of the springs for $15.  Hard to beat that.


 Hi George   

Completely missed that in my haste,! Thanks for pointing it out.

I have already ordered springs from a UK supplier - expensive, but after postage and customs, they would probably cost about the same to buy from Blue Creek. Nonetheless I'm impressed with what they have to offer. You really are lucky living in the States - luthier supplies are so limited over here. When is Stew-Mac going to open a European outlet?


If you have more time than money, look for Acme threaded rod and matching Acme nuts at an industrial supply house.  Drill a hole through the rod that fits a dowel which will be a handle. If you want to get fancy, find someone with a metal lathe to turn the first inch of one end smooth and thread it to fit a handle like this:

Trap an Acme nut in the fixed structure at the top of the bender and have the end of the rod push the waist press.

Thanks to all the helpful people who answered my query. I seemed to have solved all my sourcing problems now. Thanks to George - the spring dimension you supplied were perfect and I now have exactly the springs I need. I might have gone the route Mark suggested, but  with industrial suppliers of Acme threaded rod over here, the minimum order seems to be for about £150 worth ! Speed being of the essence now, I've ordered a press screw from Rockler and am pleased to see that the combined cost and postage make it only a bit more expensive than buying similar (if it were available) over here.

Kind regards to all



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