Just acquired an old Kennedy machinist's toolbox, and I am wondering how you fellas would go about cleaning the metal. My guy at Ace sold me some paste wax to use after cleaning it. I was going to blow the slides out with the air nozzle and inject some 3 in 1. I don't want to repaint it, just polish it up and give it another life, and give all the small parts a home.

It's a beaut. 

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steel wool and wd40? Wet & dry abrasive paper & wd40? BBQ grill brush?
It's actually in pretty good shape. There are some chips here and there, but I was hoping to leave those as character marks, and give the remaining original finish a nice polish.
Just to clean the surface, use white auto rubbing compound-just as you would to remove the haze and grunge from a aging car finish, then a coat of paste wax to protect the surfaces. Lots of elbow grease! Stuart


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