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Earlier I posted about the order of gluing the bracing vs the neck.  I took the advice here and glued the bracing first, no problem there.  Where I have a question now lies in the following.  As I was doing a dry run with clamps and cauls to prepare my plan of action and work area before heating the glue, I noticed something that gave me pause.  While I was trying to get the angle right using methods described at and elsewhere, I kept getting a slight curve to the heal edges as I sanded with sand paper strips.  This curve caused a rocking and wouldn't provide a stable fit, so I tried adding a very small amount of DAP Plastic Wood (which dries quite hard) and returned to my sanding.  I got a nice solid fit that time and the proper angle.  I thought I was good to go, and maybe I am, but I noticed that the center line of the 14th fret that meets the body is possibly a little further now from the guitar's shoulder than before. This makes me wonder if my intonation will be affected.  I did not take a photo of the this area before removing the neck so I've nothing to compare it to but a '63 Epiphone Caballero which shares the same basic body design.  By that comparison, the 14th fret is further out on the Gibson than the Epiphone. 

My intonation was dead on before I began this repair, and I would like to keep it that way.  I don't want to have to make a new bridge and so forth.

Have a look at the pictures and tell me what you think.   Do you see a problem here or is it fine to proceed?  There is 

PS. This is only my second neck reset.  My first was on a Harmony Sovereign and that went very well.

Many thanks!


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 Well John all i can tell you is that you should check your scale legth to see that you haven't changed that. And that you should never take any wood off the heel at the top under the fret board or add any thing to it that is about the only way you are going to change the scale.Bill...........

I might have started a little too high with the sandpaper strips then.  That might have been what started the problem I was trying to correct with the plastic wood stuff.  I'll check the scale carefully with the clamps in place and see what it says.  If it's longer than it should, I can always remove some material and try and get back where I started.  Thanks, William.  

I always just use a file and file the same off each side counting the same stroks .don't need to take off very much .I ONLY use the sand paper if I need to Swing the neck one way or the other. Bill...........

Howdy, William.  I double checked the scale and I also employed the use of my Stew Mac Sadlematic (a very handy little guy) and indeed my well intentioned but misguided attempt to solve the above mentioned problem did throw off my scale length just a tad.  I'll be working on this a bit more before heating up the glue pot. 

Man, I'm sure glad I caught that and asked about it.  Thanks for your help!  Cheers!


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