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How do you post photos with a question? I have a question and seeing would help explain a lot.


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Yes - pictures make for a much better post!

The first thing to say is that you need to shrink your photos to fit the appropriate file size.  Most photos taken on a phone or camera will be 1 or 2 megabits.  Too big to post.  You need to open them in a graphics editing program (windows paint is fine for this), crop the image and also reduce the image size to about 30 or 40% of the original.  Save it with a new name.  Check the file size - you want < 256kb. 

It is a whole lot easier to post pictures if you are using a computer to access the web (as opposed to a tablet or a phone). As I am writing this now on my PC I am working in a window which has two rows of icons across the top.  One row are for changing font (italic, bold, underline) - and above that are ones for inserting stuff.  Click the picture button.  I will do it now and insert a screenshot:

A box will open to allow you to browse to your photo file, insert it into your text, and choose how it is displayed. 

If you are using a tablet it is a similar process, but you may have a problem if your photo file size is too big.  You might be able to edit it on the tablet - but I find that it is easiest if I bring it over to the computer and do my posting from there

An alternative is to use an attachment to your message, rather than insert it in line.  This will put an attachment below the main message that needs to be clicked to open.  See how I have added one below called Capture2.  If you click on it you will see a screenshot of the putton that I used to do this. 


Thanks Mark, much appreciated

It just occurred to me that Ive been posting some pretty large photos. Ill have to figure out how to edit them as necessary on my ipad. Anyone else here using a tablet?


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