Problem with friction tuners on 50s Martin tenor ukulele

To keep this ukulele in tune, I have gotten to the point where I have to tighten the screws on the friction tuners to the point that the tuners are difficult to adjust. Two luthiers have suggested that I  replace the tuners, which I don't want to do. Any advice on what I can do, other than replace the tuners? Thanks.

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These rely on friction between the headstock and the tuner. As the wood gets compressed and glazed, it takes a tighter and tighter squeeze. Take the pegs off and use some medium grit sandpaper, like 320, to rough up the surfaces that contact. Reassemble and tighten only enough to hold pitch.

Violin players encounter this regularly. Here's a decent little article addressing it, with lots more found if you do a search...

Some of the earlier ukes had paper washers between the tuners and the peghead.  That would be a total of 8 paper washers.  The paper was of a harder variety, much like manila folder stock.  Simple and inexpensive.  Might be worth a try.

I've used some violin "peg dope" on the wood to help and have had moderate success with it.  And I have also used bow rosin similarly.  


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