Where is the best deal on PSA Sandpaper? I really like using it, especially during fretwork. Thanks everyone! Stew Mac seems a little pricey. Lee Valley seems ok, but nothing past 320....

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I "Googled" PSA sandpaper, then modified the search for lowest cost, et cetera...... 

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I usually find it on ebay.  I'm replete w/400 & 600 3m Stikit gold, PM me if you want some.

I get the 400 grit and below from LMII  -  they sell an assorted pack that is a good deal at $28.95 for 30 sheets - but everything finer than 400 I get from Stewmac.  

I use "Indasa Rhinodry"because it is cost effective and easy to work with. It has a paper-backing (like a bumper sticker) which is easier to work with and reduces waste.  I use 80, 120 and 400 grit.

I use Klingspor. Their 10 meter PSA roll is $10, compared to StewMac's 15 yd. 3M roll for $25. Aluminum Oxide, 80 grit to 600 grit.

I used to use 3M and loved how it lasted so very long.  But these days I'm a fan of Sait paper because it seems to hold up even better than 3M especially for fret work where the paper can get pretty torn up from the rather violent, old-school flossing action.  Sait seems to have the thickest backing paper of them all and the abrasives are always predictable and uniform.  Good stuff!


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