I glued up the bracing to the top of a triple 0 I'm building....and I forgot to sand the braces to the 25 radius.'s flat. Is this ok , major mistake , usable ....or do over?

Advice appreciated.


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If it's still wet redo or let nature determine its might turn out to be the best 000 ever made.Seems it would be more prone to sag but don't have the experience to back that up.
The radius is in part to allow the top to move as moisture swells/shrinks it. If there's no room for it to move, I'd say there's a greater chance it will crack one of these winters. If you haven't glued it to the rim yet, redo. You also need the height the arch gives so that the neck pitch will be correct.
I used to build my guitars with flat braces. A lot of people do as well. I built a 000 for my sister 27 years ago with a flat top. It has not sagged, cracked, or needed an action adjustment in that time.
So- re-do it if you feel the urge, but I don't see it as imperative. JMHO
I have always used a flrt top..

I glue it on the rims and then bind and then I sand the edges and not the top middle. That way I get the domed look.

Thank you gentlemen....I may shave em off and re-brace. A learning experience I'll not forget.....the 25 rad. loft suits my sensibility, at this early stage of my building career.


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