Greetings All,

 I finished this a few weeks ago & thought u might like some pix. Thanks for help, advice.

 Binding Glue: after much research I thought I would use my 30 yrs cabmking knowledge & undertook a few experimental trials(not on the guitar). I found melted(in solvent) binding adhered well to plastic but not wood. I found contact adhesive adhered well to wood but not plastic. Some CA glues had bad revues & I had no money to buy any anyway. I know contact adhesive can be thinned with solvent so thinned it enough for airbrush. Masked guitar & sprayed 2 thin coats of contact on guitar only(about 20 minutes between coats). About 20 minutes later applied binding with melted binding brushed on. A couple of small sections did not adhere properly but it was easy to get solvent into hairline gap(capillary action helped). Excellent result.

Hint: as colour adjacent to binding is dark I would tint melted binding black next time. This would then fill any small chips in lacquer with appropriate colour - white had to be carefully dug out. The stain may get on to white binding but hopefully will disappear when scraped flush - will do trial first.



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Pictures? Thanks!

Hi Kerry,

 I did try to upload some pix but browse button would not work. I will try again.

Not working - have to reinstall a couple of deleted files to restore browser. Hopefully pix soon.


At last maybe some success


For more pix search the title for previous posts on this very helpfull site. I am certain this is the first (prototype & demonstrator) of this model.

The dog managed to get in the pik somehow. His name is Kauri. This is the tallest & finest timber in the New Zealand forest.

 Search Bobby Blue Shankaran - "Into the Sun" to hear the heavenly tone from this fine guitar.

 The instrumental " Mood Swings" is being composed as it is recorded! 1 take ! (The producer played backing track once & switched on the tape with unbelievable result )




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