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I need to re-route the truss rod channel on a Harmony 1260. I have removed the neck from the guitar because it also is going to need a neck reset (probably along with a re-fret and leveling)

I have removed the fretboard. I want to replace the broken truss rod with a dual action truss rod.

I have seen the truss rod channel jigs online but they look like they are for the initial building of the guitar and not repair.

If you have done this what do you do to hold the removed neck and rout a straight line?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.



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Here's a FRETS.COM article that could give you some ideas:


Take a look at this link:

Shows a jig re-slotting an H1260 neck for a Stewmac double action truss rod.   You need a table saw to cut the slot.  The guide board having the slot is one piece MDF 3/8".  Use long deck screws to clamp the neck to the slotted board.  In the images, there are two sets of three blocks.  The outer blocks in each set hold the guide board.  The inner blocks clamp the neck to the guide board.   You can't see it in the images, but there are 1/8" padding blocks between the back of the neck and the clamp blocks.

Also nice to have a plunge router such as the Dewalt DWP611PK which is an excellent router for many uses.

I’ve been having so much fun with the Stanley 271 doing stuff like this, they’re super handy!

OK MIke - thats the ticket...

I got a "mint" one on order from JimBodeTools.

If it proves to not be the tool needed then I will build some sort of jig like Dave's link shows.




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