this has probably been done by others, but I never heard anyone talk about it and I discovered this on my own.

How to remove frets that are really low and the fret removal tool can’t grab well. Use a chisel and hammer to tap under the fret and lift slightly. Works best with the bevel end of chisel resting on the fret board, tap in slightly to raise fret enough to use the puller.


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I have never had even extremely low frets that my trusty Hosco fret puller couldn't handle.

Through the years, I have tried numerous tools and techniques for pulling frets and the Hosco is the best I have found. It has extremely sharp edges and just the right angle on the jaws.

Nice, I need to check them out.



That puller looks great, but I thought the chisel tip (yuk yuk) was handy and I always like when people post stuff like that.

My puller is homemade and probably not ground perfect for pulling low frets, the reason my mind said tap a chisel under the fret to raise it slightly. It does work perfectly if you can’t grab onto a fret solidly. When the frets get to .028” or less is when I have problems.


Mine is home made too, I like your idea

I've always started with a chisel—usually one I know I'll never use for, you know, chiseling.

The chisel helps hold down the wood, too, so I get minimal chipping this way.

As fretwire is much softer than steel on a quality chisel I find it doesn’t harm the chisel’s cutting edge.


To be fair, maple endgrain is softer than steel but it sure dulls an edge quickly! I’d use a beater chisel (or better yet, one on either side of the fret?) but I still love your idea 


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