Hi folks.  In another life (read REAL job...being a Luthier is just part time) I work for an "online thrift shop" and spend my time evaluating musical instruments and electronics for them.  Anyway, to make a long story short, much to my surprise I was presented with a 1968 Harmony Model 54 Rocket to get evaluated and eventually put online.  She's a "purty thang" but unfortunately has been abused.

Hopefully the following picture(s) will help you understand my quandary...I know what I would say and charge as a repair fee, but that a) is just me and b) here in Colorado.  My questions to the great people of the forum are:

   a) is this repairable?

   b) What would a gross estimated cost be for repair to just get it back into playing condition.

   c) What would the full monty run (again gross).

I'm asking so that if the person who ends up buying this baby on line is not a luthier, what can they expect to be spending extra.  This way, they know how much to think about spending.

I know this is a rather large imposition on the forum and I know that pictures only tell part of the story, but I want to do right by my customers and give them the best information I can.

I hope this doesn't break some good practice here on the forum...but I want the customer to have every chance to go in to this purchase with eyes wide open.

Thank you for your time.  If you would rather respond via PM, please feel free.

Greg (The Lonely Luthier)

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What does a Levin-Epstein know from saints?

I think you missed your vocation, Joshua. (I laughed so much I nearly choked!) 

Yeah, I crack myself up...


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