I'm in process on this really nice Maurer Concert model from the thirties that came to me with changed tuners that rotated the wrong way. I need the reverse gear type with post spacings of 1 3/8" and post diameter of 1/4". Does anyone out there have or know of someone who might have either originals or replacements for these? The guitar is really nice and deserves the best I can find. I'm including some photos of the restoration for your perusal.

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Have patience. Stew-Mac has several sets of tuners about to hit the market which will fill niches in the vintage restoration world that have lain empty for years and years. I've seen the prototypes and they are terrific.

Waverly—Grover—Kluson. Never mind the names, they'll be different. These will be very affordable machines, made in Korea, very good quality, and except for the Klusons, will be offered worm-over or worm-under, with ivoroid or black buttons.
Paul, thanks for the advance notice. I'll wait cause the golden age look pretty good in the drawing. Thanks again, Eric
They looked great. SM may offer them in a plainer version, with just the line around the edge of the plate, like these:


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