I came up with this jig to do away with the need to chisel a taper on either side of each individual Rosette tile. You load a Rosette log into the jig, fix it in place with the bolts, align the log by sight from either end to make sure the side of the log protrudes evenly from the jig along the length, run it along the fence & past the table saw blade, turn the log around & repeat for the other side. The angle needed for the tile angles is set into the wedges beneath the “log platform”. There is a strip of abrasive along the base of the platform to grip the log. Once you have tapered the entire log you can saw off the individual tiles afterwards.

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I have never tried making rosette tiles, so I can’t comment usefully about your jig.  But I love your rosette!

Thanks Mark! Ill be putting a video together of the process, Ill post it here once Ive filmed it.

Guitar builders can really appreciate that beauty and the work that goes into a classical rosette.  That is incredible.  The general public has no idea.

Thanks Glen! That’s kind of you to say & it’s true that they largely go unappreciated, with this one I’ve taken the micro tiles to the edge of the rosette, it’s a lot of painstaking work but some people mistake them as transfers!


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