Seeking a source for 1/4" Drop tops for solid body, 2 piece, pre-glued, non figured maple, ash, poplar, or other hardwood

Title says it all, first preference would be pre-glued but two piece, unglued might be acceptable.

Non figured, as in "I don't have a lot of $$", or economy grade.

For some reason I was thinking LMI had a bigger selection, maybe they did in the past?

If anyone has any specific ebay seller they have had positive experiences with, this would be of interest as well...


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If you're not particular about maple species, as in Rock, Soft, Big Leaf etc, you might find something at Home Depot, or try your local lumberyard. I've been successful finding figured pieces on Ebay but they can get pricey. Loads of non-figured on there but shipping can boost the cost.

All I can find there is 1/4" poplar.  For <$10 I can get a three piece poplar top for a thinline sized body, which I have done, actually.

No maple or ash at my local store though, nothing at Lowe's either (except in tongue and groove flooring size).

Local lumbermill has been "idled" for a while, with the housing market's the only place in town you can get a piece of wood thicker than 3/4", lol......

or off ebay     look for      Fraser Valley Fine woods

Thanks for the link....but the shipping costs calculate out to about three times the "buy it now price", where I'm located anyway.....

The postage is high because that link is set for me in Australia, if you reset the postage calculator to USA you should do better


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