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Any thoughts on this? I've repaired a break like this before without any reinforcement, but it was a repair on a nylon string guitar. I called my customer to check it's still glued. It is!

But recently, i've been reading some posts about end grain gluing and how weak this joints are. So, now i have some doubts. 

This guitar i'm supposed to glue is a steel string (a cheap one).

Have any of you done this kind of repair without splines or overlays with good results? Do you think it will hold on a steel string?


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Nice headstock jig Mario! If this had been in my shop, I would have done the scooping out all the way to the first set of machine heads. But that is just me!

 And those are some great shots too John!

Thanks Kerry, it was a pain to build it. But totally worth it. Still needs some adjustments. Perhaps for version 2.0. 

I will make a backstrap just for sport (and a stronger repair)


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