making a shelf nut. by the time it's correct, the shelf for the chubby E string will protrude 3mm from the original nut position. is this acceptable ?.. seems like a very deep shelf. i'm wondering why this guitar ever came to needing a shelf nut. it would have left gibson with a standard nut, what happened ?

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why do you think it needs a shelf nut at all?

if it's set up right (meaning the nut slots are nice and low like they should be, the neck has little relief and the rest is where it belongs) then it'll intonate just fine with the stock nut.

the shelf nut thing is a band-aid to compensate for a too-high nut slot, something unfortunately all too typical from factories on even expensive guitars.

tried 3 properly made nuts so far. still not happening

If I had a serious doubt about the nut position I would first check the saddle position using the first fret as a new zero and the thirteenth fret as a new twelfth. I'd then extrapolate back to determine the correct nut position. Cheers.

Are you certain this instrument hasn't been retrofit for a Buzz Feiten system or some other form of nut-compensation that utilizes a shelf nut in lieu of trimming away the end of the fingerboard? My experience with shelf-nuts is almost exclusively with regards to them being utilized to allow compensation at the nut as well as at the saddle.

It's been years since I've done an install and seen one fresh and unmodified, but I'm relatively sure that BF shelf nuts ship new with an approximate 2-3mm shelf.


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