This is the same Yamaha FG 365S from my drop-fill thread. That's just a minor thing, off course, this is the big one and I'm really torn.

The truss rod broke on this guitar, it's my brother-in-law's and he loves it dearly. OTOH, it's not such an expensive guitar that he'd pay a good luthier a fortune to fix it. I once had a guitar fixed, apparently it wasn't such a good luthier because I was disappointed by the work, so I thought I'd better do this myself and replace the truss rod. Get me some experience. And I think I can do it. Took the fretboard off with no problems. 

But, some stuff surfaced that I didn't notice up front, I'm more of an electric player and the thing came to me broken, so not everything was obvious. The guitar has a pretty big belly, 3mm (slightly less than 1/8") above the sides, the bridge has been sanded off to 4.5mm. There's a  repair on the brace with some mesh that feels soaked in some sort of resin. Resin spread on most of the inside of the top.

All this makes me debate if I should take the neck off and reset it whilst I have the fretboard off anyway. If it has to be done later it will be much more work. But resetting will probably mean a new bridge. This bridge is pretty big, way bigger than a Martin where most of the replacement bridges are modelled after. I don't have the tools to make a new bridge from scratch. 

Currently, a straightedge along the neck without the FB bumps against the opposite side of the soundhole. With the FB on it reaches just over the bridge. Of course it's not glued tight yet.

So. Should I try to trim the belly and humidify it? Can someone point me to some knowledge on how to reduce the belly? I've found people that put wet rags inside and some that dried the inside out to reduce the belly. Humidity here in Holland is usually over 65%. Could it even help with all the resin on the inside? Should I reset the neck? Not looking forward to that and replacing the bridge.

Insights will be greatly appreciated!

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If it were my problem, I'd try stringing it with super light steel strings, lower the saddle as necessary, and leave it at that, broken truss rod and all.  Brother-in-law can keep his memento, and get marginal use from it.    A new, better guitar would be the next order of business. . .

Oh, come on.

I already have the fretboard off. It's a great learning experience, although my wife is starting to ask me when I'll get some real work done... I love this stuff.

That actually sounds like a perfectly normal belly. What was the action height measurement before you took off the fb?

Frank's point of view is that of a professional repairman, and so is mine. But you need to determine that a reset is really necessary. It doesn't look like it, to me.

I agree with Frank and Greg.  I see one or two of these weekly, and give the same advise. 

Measurements before the work started is key. Making a new bridge with basic hand tools is not that difficult. If you want experience. Now is the time. 

I think I will drop the new truss rod in and it will probably be okay. If it was even half way playable without the truss And quite some relief it'll be better with. If it isn't Ill have a new project to look forward to. In a while.

In between another refret and some parts to exchange. Needed some stuff and the shop here is on holiday, so that'll be here in the middle of my vacation which I'm not spending here. 

Everybody enjoy the summer and thanks for the input.


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