Another personal project guitar to further test my dedication and resolve.

There is a long crack in the side that extends almost from the tail block to the neck block. The crack has a small section where some one used cyanoacrylate to mend it. Not good and not well done either. The lower section and upper section are not aligned properly. The crack also extends into the kerfing and I suspect the CA has bonded the lower part of the side to it.

How to proceed? I think cutting through the glued section using my thinnest kerfed Japanese saw is the way to free the sections up so they can be properly aligned for gluing.

Any recommendations and suggestions are welcome.

( My apologies for the poor images. )

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Can you force the two halves of the crack to align together?  If so, it seems like a straightforward repair.  I agree that a thin blade is probably the right way to cut the joint open.  Maybe you can use an exacto knife blade as a wedge to force the crack apart and break the joint.  Then it's just a matter of cleaning the mating edges, gluing and cleating it.

The section that was glued is not aligned properly. But further up towards the waist and upper bout the side does align. There are minor slivers missing along the edges of the cracks but those can be drop filled after gluing.

You have things so far apart, I'm guessing your planning on some or a complete refinish? Acetone will dissolve CA, slowly, but should get the parts to release with some diligence. Might work out better than trying to saw it free. It will definitely attack the old finish but you may be able to keep that to a minimum working from the inside. Some fabric pulled into in the crack, whetted with Acetone should eventually clean the crack itself, again, with some diligence required.

I agree with Paul Breen, that you’ll need to remove the glue, acetate or heat on a blade etc. You’ll only be able to assess how you manage the rejoin once you can see how much will fit together. It’s possible you’ll need to put a new section in and you’ll certainly need to brace the inside perpendicular with the crack. Love to see your progress.


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