Some questions about a custom made guitar that just came in

HI all,

Had a custom build come in from Nebraska to Singapore a month back.. 

Facts: It's way more humid over here in Singapore (~90% average).

Well this guitar is a 2 bolt attachment to the body. The builder spot-glued the fingerboard extension to the top of the guitar right near the end of the fretboard extension.
When it came, action was nice, and I don't remember seeing any gap whatsoever.

After about 2 wks of not playing it, I find the neck has bowed quite abit such that the bow is quite visible down the neck of the guitar. Action raised almost 1.5-2/32". 
What also happened was that it seems there is a gap beneath the extension to the top. The spot of glue hasn't budged I think but I can slip a piece of paper under the extension.. and can even slip right thru.

**the spot of glue at the tip is still tight.

The builder is thinking that humidity has caused most of this.. so I just wanted to get your opinion on this. Also, being a new guitar, he said the neck could've bowed due to the sudden exposure to high humidity.

Are all these occurrences plausible?

Also, what he had advised me to first do was to unstring the guitar.. lightly loosen the 2 bolts and clamp it down firmly again to see if it sits properly this time. His rationale was that it could've moved slightly out of position and then rebolt it tight.

Afterwhich to adjust the relief on the guitar.

That's about all he's told me so far and it sounds like not too"dangerous" a job.. anything else you learned people can advise me to do?

Thanks much!

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If I were doing the job and it was one of my Guitars I would take the neck off and file each side of the heel joint from the botom of the heel upward to the under side of the fret board and donot take any thing off the top end of the joint as you will change the length of the scale. just like you would if you were doing a reset file each side the same or you will get your neck out of line. Good luck Bill.""""""""""""
wow toughie... i'll take a look at what's underneath heh...

actually would gluing the extension down solve the issue? thought that'd be the easiest fix seeing that when it came it was perfect so it shouldn't be a neck angle issue? mmm
I am sorry Hann this job is not easiy .if you glue the fret board down you will just have to take it all off again. [ It is a neck angle issue now ] .Bill.""""""""""""


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