received a spam from someone named James Pollard to my Email yet was nothing posted to my page the message said it was from

anyone else seen this or received oddball emails

I wonder how he got my address and did it come or was the frets site hacked

Not good

Thanks Guys

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Thanks for the note  -  he's been summarily dumped!

I really need to read the comment before I put my two cent worth in.  Thank you Frank for dumping this clown.

Danny, I also heard from this guy and just asked Frank about it before I saw your post.  "James Pollard" has sent me an email saying he had something "vital to discuss" with me after seeing my  bio.  He didn't want to do this on a public site.

I sent Frank a note about it and now see that he has already sent Pollard packing.  Good riddance!!

I also got the spam letter the dolt claims to be from Ghana.  Can someone please delete Mr. James Pollards account, please.  The last place I expected spam is from here a site dedicated to the repair of instruments.

Thanks Frank and everybody that responded maybe some day they can stop this kind of junk

Bless all


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